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Official rules:

  1. You must submit the error through this form.
  2. To get Billy Bucks credit, you must have an active AirfireArm account.
  3. Max 400 Billy Bucks may be credited to your account for this promotion in a 24-hr period.
    (Does not affect Bucks earned any other way.)
  4. You will receive Billy Bucks for only one submission of a specific error no matter how many times you submit it (unless you’ve already reached the max for that 24-hr period…and then no credit will be given).
  5. You will not receive Billy Bucks for submitting the same issue via multiple or different email addresses.
  6. Errors in customer product reviews or images do not count, as we will not change customer submissions.
  7. Once we’ve verified the error you’ve reported, your coupon code or Billy Bucks will be issued.

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